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1. We will celebrate our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

2. We will be confident and share our thinking. 
3. We will persevere through difficult practice.



* At the secondary level, we are asking that every staff member take the pledge but only the math classes become a With Math I Can Classrooms.
1.  Teachers will complete the growth mindset lesson plan(s).  For elementary schools this will be the 5 dojo lesson plans and for secondary schools, the lesson plan provided below from
2.  All students & classroom teacher will take the pledge and sign the poster provided by the county. The teacher takes the pledge for everyone the website.
3. The principal, assistant principal, and/or district administrator do a “math talk” with the class using the book “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” or using the website:
4. Take a picture of the class (with their signed poster) for the county’s With Math I Can website page.
5. Complete the survey at to let us know you are a With Math I Can classroom 
With Math I Can in Berkeley County Schools!
For Classroom Teachers:
 with math i can
 mash up math
You Cubed  
           Jo Bolar's Website youcubed 
You Tube Video of Famous Failures (on VR spot so you don't need your webtop account)
Parent Resources for growth mindset: