Teacher Educational Grant Program

  • The objective of the Business Education Partnership’s educational grant program is to improve the schools’ instruction, curriculum, and environment.  Grant applications affecting a greater number of students in any or all of the areas mentioned will receive top priority.  This program provides resources through grants up to $500.


    Examples of projects that have been funded in the past include:

    ·            Science and social studies labs

    ·            Outdoor classroom labs

    ·            Books

    ·            Equipment

    Examples of what will not be funded include:

    ·            Staff or substitute time

    ·            Staff development

    ·            Projects that do not directly impact students


2022 Business Education Partnership Grant

  • grant picture

    In February 2022, the Berkeley County Business Education Partnership reviewed 69 teacher classroom grant applications and awarded 18 projects totaling nearly $5,200.00 to 14 schools.   The selected projects support regular education, special education as well as Pre-k programs such as the Conscious Discipline Classroom Feeling Buddies Basic Toolkit, which is now a part of the daily social-emotional curriculum at Mill Creek Intermediate School.

    Students come from so many backgrounds and sometimes with some very great needs due to trauma. The kit helps students to begin self-regulation and to be able to use various techniques to maintain self-regulation both in the classroom and at home.

    Featured on this page are two students in the "Calm Corner" using some of the kit items. Their teacher, Kathy Chapman, overheard one of the best testimonials for this kit: one of the students who was upset by a situation said to another student, “Wait. I know what to do…I’m angry and I can breathe until I feel better.” 

    This new program will further the Business Education Partnership Grant's goal to support students in all phases of their educational journey.

Last Modified on March 8, 2022