• The science fair is not required for student to participate in at MRI.  Third grade students may participate, but the cannot move on to the county competition regardless of score.  Fourth grade students are encouraged to participate for the experience.  We highly encourage fifth grade students to participate since it could be required by their teachers in middle school.  In middle school students who are in honors classes will be required to complete a science fair project.   

    Please Turn in your Application to Mrs. Sherman anytime before November 17, 2017                                 

     MRI Science Fair Application

     If you have questiosn please email: csherman@k12.wv.us


    What is a Science Fair Project?

    A science fair project begins by asking a question and then uses 5 steps called the scientific method to discover an answer. The term Scientific Method sounds pretty complicated but it is actually 5 simple ideas that scientists use to solve problems:

    1.      What I wonder (Question)

    2.      What I think (Hypothesis)

    3.      What I did (Experiment/Research)

    4.      What I found (Results)

    5.      What I learned (conclusions)



    • Read the Berkeley County School Information Packet.
    • Who do I want to work with? There are two options: Individual or Partner
    • Follow steps 1-12 in the Berkeley County School Science Fair Packet

    1. Look for project ideas and share them with your teacher.

    - I recommend getting a composition notebook or folder to keep all of your information in one place. You can also use it as part of your display.  

    2. Projects that contain hazardous chemicals or involve humans/animals with backbones may not be used.
    3. Write a hypothesis that can be tested and measured in an experiment.
    4. Hypothesis must be written as “If....then.....because” statement.
    5. There must be only one variable you change in the project – that’s the independent variable.
    6. Find background information and research on your topic.
    7. I recommend five different sources for your bibliography. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR RESOURCES AS YOU FIND THEM!  

    **Remember you are not giving a demonstration of your experiment, you are reporting your method and findings.**



    Don't wait until the last minutes! Create a plan with a timeline to avoid stress and frustration!  This should be educational and fun!   


    • Choose a topic, issue, or problem to investigate.
    • Form a Question.
    • Start a journal or electronic journal to keep all your notes and research.
    • Begin research using the library, internet, books, magazines, and/or personal interviews with experts. Don't forget you MUST keep track of all the places you get your information from for your bibliography. 


    • From your research, decide how to set up an investigation, including the procedure and necessary materials.
    • Complete any additional research and set up outline for report.
    • Start your experiment or create your invention.
    • Record observations in your journal.
    • Begin collecting or buying materials for your display and start work on any models, props, or visual aids for your display.


    • Ask Yourself - What Did I Do and What Did I Find?
    • Continue to record observations from your experiment or invention in your journal.
    • Work on first draft of report.
    • Write down or sketch preliminary designs for your display.
    • Write text for background of display.
    • Take any photos needed and have them printed. (Remember: You should not see your face in the photos)
    • Complete your experiment.
    • Analyze observations and write up your results.

      Finishing Up…...

    • Ask Yourself - What Did I Learn?)
    • Write and proofread final version of your project.
    • Finish constructing your display, including any graphs, charts, and visual aids.
    • Practice presenting to the judges, you can have notecards if you think you might need them.


    Click Links Below for Helpful Information


    Writing a Bibliography


    Science Buddies Webpage




    40 Ideas from Scholastic


    Good Resource from another School


    Writing an Abstract


    Science Fair Project Resource


    Science Fair Display Board Resource Buy a Trifold board now, they sellout locally ever year.  You can get a board at Micheal's, Walmart, and Target.  (You might even what to buy an extra, as a  science fair mom I know things happen.)



    Elementary Participates are only required to complete an Abstract.  

    If you are planning on taking honors classes in middle school I recommend you write a report for the experiance.



    You must double-space the entire report.
    Margins should be set at 1 inch on all sides.
    Each section needs an appropriate label (title).
    All pages should be numbered.
    Do not use first person pronouns. Do not use I, me, or we! Use third person pronouns for yourself, like

    “researcher,” “scientist,” or “investigator.”
    Bad Example: I built a time machine.

    Good Example: The researcher built a time machine.
    Be sure to check for grammatical errors and have your parents proofread your report, because these errors will affect your grade.

    Keep it simple! You are elementary students :) 


    Example Report Outline from Altanta Public Schools