• Bus Safety

    Your child’s safety is our bus driver’s number one priority.  Please review the bus safety rules with your child and stress the importance of being on their best behavior, sitting in the seat, and speaking quietly to their seatmates. 

    Always follow these bus rules:

    1.      Never bend down near or under the bus.

    2.      Do not retrieve anything you have dropped or left while leaving the bus.  Alert the bus driver.

    3.      It is mandatory that you sit in assigned seats.

    4.      Be courteous.  No profanity or inappropriate language.

    5.      Inappropriate cell phone use will not be tolerated on the bus.

    6.      Do not eat or drink on the bus.  Keep the bus clean.  No gum allowed. (State Regulation)

    7.      Violence is prohibited.

    8.      Remain seated and face front at all times.

    9.      No tobacco products.

    10.  Keep your hands and head inside the bus at all times.

    11.  Do not destroy school property.

    12.  For your own safety, do not distract the driver or misbehave.


    Please make sure there is someone at the bus stop waiting for your child.  This is important for your child’s safety!