• Hedgesville Elementary School Counselors: 

    Mr. Mark Cagle

    Mrs. Nicole DeMarco (HES and Tomahawk)

    The school counselors at Hedgesville Elementary play an important role and provide a variety of services to our students, staff and community.

    Our counselors provide developmental guidance in the classrooms, individual counseling, and small group counseling.  Individual and small group counseling can be initiated by students, teachers, administrators, parents or counselors.  Counselors coordinate with school staff, county/state agencies, and private agencies to obtain what is needed to best serve our students. 

    Small Groups

    Banana Splits helps students with divorced or separated parents.

    SWAT promotes school attendance.

    Other small groups may be available for students with drug/alcohol abuse situations, incarceration of a parent, anger management, and development of social skills. 

    Small groups are available based on need and are available as scheduling allows.

    Guidance Programs                                                               Examples of Classroom Lesson Topics

    Student of the Week                                                                OLWEUS Bullying Prevention                                    

    Responsible Student Program                                                  Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving

    Book Buddies                                                                          Diversity & Tolerance

    Career Day                                                                              Character Education

    School Counselor Tips for a Successful Year:

    o   Attendance is important!  Be on time and encourage a positive attitude about attendance.

    o   Ride the bus.  Have your child ride the bus to and from school – especially on the first day and first week of school!  Riding the bus provides the opportunity to develop good habits such as being on time for school, developing friendships and adjusting to the school routine. 

    o   Keep communication open with your child’s teacher.  If there are changes at home (divorce, death, birth, moving or any changes your child experiences), it affects them at school.  Please let us know so we can help in any way possible. 

    o   Develop a routine at home in the morning and at bedtime.  Students need a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast to be ready for the day.  

     The BackPack Program offers extra food to take home for students who may be in need. 

     For more information, contact one of our school counselors, Mr. Cagle or Mrs. DeMarco, or visit www.feedbcwvkids.org

    You can contact Mr. Cagle or Mrs. DeMarco by calling the school at (304) 754-3341 or by email.

    Mr. Cagle: mcagle@k12.wv.us or

    Mrs. DeMarco: nbuffington@k12.wv.us