Back Creek Valley Elementary School By the Book - Student Handbook

Welcome to Our School

  • We welcome you to the Back Creek Valley Appleseed Family! We are moving full speed ahead learning. Our mission is to provide educational excellence for all.

    We believe…
    A – We are accountable for the learning and achievement of every student.
    I – In achieving with integrity.
    R – Respect for self, others, and school creates a safe environment for learning.

    Visitors and volunteers are vital to our school. State law requires that all people entering our school, must first check in at the office which is located just inside the long green canopy. After signing in, a visitor badge will be issued to be worn at all times.

    “Appleseed News” is published monthly and distributed on the last school day of the month featuring news and upcoming dates. The newsletter and monthly menu are also available on-line at .

    In this handbook, you will find skills for each grade level, information about our discipline program – “Appeeling” Behavior and general procedures. Please take a few minutes to read through the handbook with your child. Education is a journey of learning. With your support, we will strive to help your child embark on this journey with AIR: Accountability, Integrity, and Respect.

    Back Creek Valley Staff

School Rules

  • A Always be respectful to staff and others
    P Proper behavior is expected
    P Playground, Cafeteria, and Classroom rules are to be followed
    L Listen to each other
    E Every student is expected to attend school daily
    S School Pride is displayed in all areas of the building
    E Extra quiet voices should be used in the hallways and cafeteria
    E Every student is to be prepared to work
    D Disruption of school or classroom will not be tolerated
    S Sportsmanship is a must in all activities

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