Ms. Ann Smith

Phone: 304-274-6592


Degrees and Certifications:

BASC Music K-12 ~ Shepherd College MS Computers in Education ~ Shenandoah University

Ms. Ann Smith

Hello and welcome to my class!

Nowadays, it is important for people to have computer skills because computers are being used practically everywhere.  As I like to tell my students, computers are their world.  They will be using a computer of some kind in almost every aspect of their lives.  

As they progress through their education, students will need computers more and more.  Word processing and presentation software skills will be important for book reports, research papers, essays, etc., as well as a basic grasp of typing techniques. Safe and effective online navigation will be important in research activities for essays and such.  

Beyond the realm of education, graduates will find that many employers will hire candidates who are able to use PCs before those who are not.  And the career opportunities in IT itself are endless!   

In Computer Applications Class here at Potomack, students are introduced to as many of the applications and programs available on computers as time allows. Each grade level works on pretty much the same skills, but on more advanced levels, as their experience indicates. My goal is to give them a working knowledge of these applications, and hopefully spark an interest in wanting to become more proficient. 

We have fun while learning, and I can't wait to get started!  

Ann Smith
Computer Applications Instructor
School Technology Contact