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                                               Last Names:                                                    

        A-Ea- Mr. Norris                       

                        Eb-Kn- Mr. Frankhouser        

                          Ko-Rob- Mrs. Ballard             

                        Roc-Z- Mrs. Brown                 

    Social Worker: Mrs. Hersh   

     Hedgesville High school:  

    Changing lives, building futures.

    HHS School Counselors



    The mission of the Hedgesville High School Counselors is to assist students with their educational, career, and personal-social development to ensure success in all aspects of adult life.



    Hedgesville High School's students will acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and goals to maximize their full potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent, and productive citizens.


    HHS School Counseling Philosophy 


     ·  Hedgesville High School’s program supports our school’s mission.


    ·  Hedgesville High counselors advocate for comprehensive, development guidance programs.


    ·  Hedgesville High counselors advocate for safe schools and foster a nurturing school environment.


    ·  Hedgesville High counselors serve as advocates for all students.


    ·  Hedgesville High counselors are knowledgeable about our school’s resources and programs.


    ·  Hedgesville High counselors collaborate with other community resources to ensure all students academic, career and personal/social needs are met using a Three Tier Model (Universal, Targeted, and Intensive).


    ·  Hedgesville High counselors work collaboratively with others to support the mental health needs of our students.


    ·  Hedgesville High counselors uses a data-driven accountability system to monitor and evaluate the Comprehensive School Counseling Program.


    ·  Hedgesville High counselors keep up to date with new and changing programs, researched best practices, resources, curriculum, policy changes, and post secondary and work place changes.


    ·  Hedgesville High counselors attend local, state and national professional development opportunities to assure we remain highly qualified professionals.


    · Hedgesville High counselors follow ethical guidelines to assure the well-being of students, parents and school staff and the integrity of our school counseling program.