Tardy Policy

  • 1.  Tardy Intervention per class

    2.  Students are to sign in on a log sheet when tardy (teachers will 

      have a sign in binder)

    3.  **Put tardies in Engrade during planning or end of the day**

    4.  Log sheets are to be turned in to administration at the end of   

         Each month with repeat offenders highlighted

    5.  Start over at the semester


    1st Offense – Warning

    2nd Offense – Warning, Call Home

    3rd Offense – Teacher Assigned ASD, 1 Hour

    4th Offense - Teacher Assigned ASD, 2 Hours, Call Home

    5th Offense – Administrative Detention – Saturday School

    6th Offense – Administrative Discretion – Parent Conference

    7th Offense - Administrative Discretion - ISS

    8th Offense and beyond – SAT Team referral

         *missed teacher assigned ASD will result in ISS


    10 x 10 Policy


    1.  Students are to be in class the first 10 minutes and the last 10

         minutes of class

    2.  We understand that there are emergencies or situations that    

         May take place, but we want our students in class.




    Instruction is our Priority!