Mill Creek Intermediate

Welcome to Mill Creek

About the Project
The Mill Creek Outdoor Classroom will be an outdoor space that provides opportunities for hands-on learning in nature.  The opportunities for applying curriculum and learning are boundless in an Outdoor Classroom.
The Outdoor Classroom we are designing will provide adventures for all students at MCI.  All students will have opportunities to act as role models in teaching and guiding each other as they explore the wonders of nature, while also having the opportunity to integrate lessons from the traditional classroom into the Outdoor Classroom.
The outdoor classroom will provide numerous chances for the MCI student community to learn about our environment and the importance of taking care of it.  The use of recycled and efficent materials will promote a cleaner community at large. 
The outdoor classroom will also provide an accessible raised garden bed for our students who use wheelchairs for mobility.  This particular addition to our outdoor classroom has been dedicated to one of our former students who passed away, Nick Bowen. 
Endless possibilities