Mountain Ridge Middle

Welcome to Mountain Ridge Middle

Thank you for visiting the library site!

Our library has great resources for pleasure reading as well as research. Please take advantage of these resources.

Students have the opportunity to the library any day to check out a book or simply to enjoy a quiet place to read, study, color, work a puzzle and use their device during a bonus OPEN LIBRARY time as outlined below:

Mondays-- during arrival time before homeroom *

Tuesdays---during arrival time before homeroom

Wednesdays—during arrival time before homeroom

Thursdays---during arrival time before homeroom

Fridays---during homeroom

*Maker Mondays will be held during both lunch periods each Monday for students to create, explore and build with a variety of materials.  Students can sign up to attend during the week and space is limited to 25 students.

In our school, each student will be scheduled in the library for checkout and library lesson every three weeks with their reading or language arts teacher. Other curricular area teachers may schedule them to come for research and special projects as well.

When students check out a book, they are given a due date for three weeks stamped inside the back of the book.  The library charges a fine of five cents per school day per book for each day a book is overdue. Students receive a two day grace period. Students may not continue to checkout books if they have an outstanding overdue book or fine and books must be returned and any fines taken care of before attending a field trip, dance, game, or extra curricular social function.

We have an online catalog (search) that can be accessed over the Internet at home or at school. Please see the "library catalog search" on our main school webpage, I have placed links to many other helpful resources for your family to use for research and homework assignements.

In addition to the books and magazines here in the library, Berkeley County Schools offers electronic books (e books) for our families to use. Your student will be trained on locating and downloading these during library classes.  Check the library tab of our school website for directions.  E books may be downloaded and read on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

During the school year we will be having two Book Fairs.   This is always an exciting event that our students and families look forward to and it is a valuable tool in helping our library raise money to purchase more books for our collection.

If you need to speak with me for any reason, please feel free to call me at school or send me an email.



Mrs. Williams, Librarian