• School Counselors

    HMS Counselors will be available online M- F from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

    Please send a message through Schoology, or E-mail.   if you need any counseling assistance.  (Contact a trusted adult for any EMERGENCIES IMMEDIATELY)



    Join the Calming Eagles google classroom! Use this code to join: upjersu

    To join the class go to your google waffle, click on classrooms, then at the top click on the + button to enter the code and join!



    counseling corner

    Click on the link below to view a special message by Mrs. Kersten!

    Counselor's Corner Intro. Video


    Are you dealing with too much stress, worry, or anxiety? Check our Mrs. K's video below for help!

    Stress & Anxiety Coping Video

    Do you need help getting organized with Online Schooling? Check out this video by Ms. Sweeney!

    Organization Video


    Breathing Exersice Video

    4,7,8 Breathe



  • Virtual Career Fair

    It's never too early to explore career ideas or possiblities! I found several videos to help you explore different job ideas and local college programs. 

    Check out this Texas Middle

    School Career Fair!

    Career Fair Video


    James Rumsey has a great

    program! Explore the


    James Rumsey Tech.


    Blue Ridge Community

    College Programs!

    Blue Ridge Culinary Arts


    Blue Ridge Women in STEM


    Heavy Equipment Operator




    Extraordinary Eagle March 


    Congratulations Kylee!



    Virtual Spirit Week Posts!

    Thank you for having fun w/ us!

    Monday PJ Day! 

    PJ Day Tik Tok - Awesome job Joseph!

    PJ Day pic  Yay Kylee!!  PJ Day PJ day  Awesome Chloe and Alyssa!

    Take it Outside Tuesday!

    Flowers   Blooming tree   Flowers are my favorite! Awesome job Eagles!


    Wellness Wednesday!!

    Wellness Mr. H lifting weights for Wellness wk  Mr Harper is practicing wellness! Go Mr. H! Go!

    Drumming Yoga  The HMS staff is taking Wellness to a new level! Way to go Mr. Cathy and Mrs. Stitt! 

    Book it Thursday!!!

    Reading a book  Mrs. K needed a chill moment today Mr. H reading  I bet Mr. H is reading a Civil War book of some kind!

    Happy Friday!  It's Spring Break!!!







    Need Help Getting Organized? Check out these awesome tips from Ms. Sweeney!

    Organization Tips 

    Schedule Template

    Organization Video