Mr. Graybill

Phone: 304-229-6791


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Elementary Education, Shepherd University 2007 BS Public Management, Austin Peay University 1994 Professional Teaching Certificate Elementary Education 0K-06 6/30/2020

Mr. Graybill

3rd Grade Teacher, Mountain Ridge Intermediate School  - 5th year

3rd Grade Teacher, Valley View Elementary School  - 5 years

1st Grade Teacher, Blue Ridge Elementary School  - 1 year

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Martinsburg South Middle School  - 1 year

Substitute Teacher, Berkeley and Jefferson Counties 2001-2008

Master Sergeant (Retired), US Army 1980-2000



Our Goals

Read fluently with comprehension to make inferences, generalizations, draw conclusions, or summarize fictional and nonfictional texts.

Know and use Problem Solving Steps - Identify the problem, Choose a strategy to solve the problem, Work the strategy, Did you solve the problem? (Does your answer make sense?)

Apply the Writing Process - Think, Prewrite, Draft, Revise, and Publish Opinions, Narratives, and Informational Essays.

Conduct simple Investigations using the Scientific Method - Observe, question, make Hypothesis, gather materials, conduct experiment, collect data, and draw conclusions.

Be responsible, respectful, and follow the rules.

To have a great, safe, and successful year.