• Individual Counseling

     Individual counseling is a component of the comprehensive school counseling program. Individual counseling is a responsive service in which we seek to meet the students' immediate needs and concerns. Individual counseling is offered throughout the school year to students in a confidential setting.

     Students may request counseling themselves by putting a “see me note” under the counselors’ office doors.

    The parent/guardian of a child, teacher, or administrator, may also refer a student.  Please call Spring Mills Middle School to speak to counselors at 302-274-5030 or email counselors.

    Bridget Snapp:  bsnapp@k12.wv.us

    Holly Sweeney:  hssweeney@k12.wv.us

    Parents can also click the following link to refer a student. 

    Contact referral Form 

    **Counselors are mandated reporters and if students report unsafe conditions or situations, counselors are not allowed to keep that information confidential.

    School counseling is goal-oriented and generally short-term in nature. If a student needs ongoing counseling, the school counselor can provide contact information for community counselors in our area.