Relay for Life

Marlowe is Raising Money!

  • Please help us meet our goal!

    Our goal this year is $3,500.00 dollars!

    Check out our calendar for a schedule of events.

    The calendar has all the activities that are going on throughout the school year for Relay for Life posted on it.

    Anyone who would like to sign up for Relay for Life for the event that is hold in June at the Martinsburg Football Field. You may do so by following the steps below:

    1. Go to the website: Relay for Life:

    2. Click on 'Find An Event'.

    3. Put in your zip code.

    4. Go to 'Berkeley County Relay for Life'.

    5. Go to 'Teams' and click on the word 'Teams'.

    6. Go to Marlowe and click on 'Join'.

    7. Then click on 'Create an Account' and put your information in.  

    8. After you put your information in then click 'Create An Account' to submit.

    If you sign up, we get a t-shirt for every $100.00 dollars that we collect. Last year, our goal was $1,000.00 dollars and we raised $2,400.00 dollars as a school . That was great, so this year we raised the goal a little higher! Let's all work hard to reach our goal this year which is $3,500.00 dollars!

    When you sign up on the internet, there is only one person per email. If there is more people in your household that wants to sign up that doesn't have an email, you can send me an email. I will get you the paper work that you need to sign up. My email is I'd be glad to help with anything that you might need! Any suggestions with anything would be great.


    Relay For Life!