Martinsburg South Middle

Be your best and nothing less!

Week one:

synthesize - To combine the parts into a whole


Week two:

calculate - To determine a mathematical value (example:  7X7=)


Week three:

hypothesize - To predict; a theory

Week four:
evaluate - To examine closely and judge; to look at the pros and cons 
Week five:
Justify - prove something to be correct
Week six :
Analyze - to break down in parts and explain the parts
Week seven:
 Conclude - to bring to an end; close
Week eight:
interpret - to explain 
Week nine: 
generalize - focus is on the main idea rather than the details
Week ten:
variable - a mathematical function or symbol; not fixed in value 

1.  You can synthesize the information from several informational articles on bicycles to determine how to repair a bike.  This means, you take important information from each article and put it together.

2. Without vitamins and minerals, our bodies cannot synthesize, or put together, new cells.

3. Kelsey Defenbaugh said, “Another word for synthesize is combine.”

4. Joshua Jones  said, “The opposite of synthesize is to separate.”

5. Austin Woodruff said, “Another word for synthesize is combine.”



1.  Can Chase Doman calculate the answer for 8X8?

2. We have to work as a team to calculate this math problem?  

3. Cade Stanley will calculate the circumference of a pie. 

4. “I like to use the calculator to calculate,” said Sean Neve.

5. Can Esther Phocole calculate the answer for 8X8?