Find Our School

  • Berkeley Heights elementary school is located in Martinsburg , West Virginia. Opening in 1972, Berkeley Heights services a diverse student population of over 650 students in grades Kindergarten - 3rd grade. Each grade level has 7 classrooms with Kindergarten- 2nd grade being held in the main building and 3rd grade being housed in a self-sufficient portable.
    Berkeley Heights is a Title I facility that utilizes a school- wide model and a three tiered approach for reading instruction. The school has over 80 staff members who are eager to help each child achieve their goals!

Berkeley Heights Mission, Beliefs & Motto

  • Our mission is as follows:

    Berkeley Heights is collectively responsible for educating and building positive relationships to ensure the growth of our children.

    At Berkeley Heights we believe:

    • We are accountable for the learning and achievement of every student.
    • In achieving with integrity.
    • Respect for self , others, and school creates a safe environment for learning.

    We believe that these guiding principles will ensure the best for your children.


    Berkeley Heights School Motto

    Berkeley Heights is excited to unveil a new school motto for the 2015-2016 school year and beyond. The motto will take the place of our school pledge and will be recited daily during morning announcements. The motto is as follows:
    Be your best
    Help each other
    Every moment