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      Teachers +Parents+ Students= Success


          What is Title I?

*****Title I is a federally funded assistance program that provides extra help to students who need it the most*****

The Goal of Title I:

  • All children to achieve success in the classroom

  • To provide a high quality education to all students

How does the Title I program work?

Our program provides:

  • Instruction to students in the classroom setting

  • Targeted and intensive instruction with Support for Personalized Learning (SPL)

  • Parent programs that highlight literacy and math concepts

  • Staff development opportunities for teachers


    Show an interest in your child’s school day by:

  • Having a conversation with them about their day

  • Asking questions

  • Looking at their school work

  • Praising their efforts


    Here’s what I do:

  • Helps assess student’s needs

  • Works with students individually and in small group settings

  • Co-teaches in the classroom for reading and math

  • Organizes staff development sessions for teachers

  • Holds parent meetings/training sessions

  • Organizes after-school activities

Be involved in the Title I program!

  • Become familiar with the Parent-Student-School Compact and the Title I information in your school handbook

  • Help develop and evaluate the program

  • Participate in our activities!


If you have any questions or concerns about the Title I program at our school, please contact me, Susan Butler, at smbutler@k1