• About Us:

    Hedgesville Elementary's mission is to provide a safe and caring environment that nurtures our students' social emotional well-being encouraging all students to perform at their highest level of academic success.

    The strength of Hedgesville Elementary is the wonderful blend of students, parents, staff, local businesses, local library and the general public into a "village" that supports the process for educational excellence. Our staff has a shared vision for our students wanting them all to be academically successful and emotionally/physically healthy.

    The teachers at Hedgesville Elementary spend extra time at the beginning of the school year preparing the classroom for a new year. Evidence is seen through the use of educational posters, colorful bulletin boards, desk/furniture arrangements, and the teacher's personal touch. Daily, teachers provide wonderful learning experiences and opportunities through the use of Literacy and Math Centers, hands-on activities, and Science and Social Studies Exploration. Students have access to beautiful classroom libraries than include both fictional books and non-fiction books in the form of Informational Texts. Students are familiar with and use computers and IPads for learning games and programs. Creative and Informational writing is often on display in the hallways. Positive student behavior is encouraged through each classroom management plan which allows students to move up for good behavior choices. Students also enjoy participating in school-wide themes, including the Book Fair.


    Our Core Beliefs: 

    • We believe that all students have the ability to learn.
    • We believe students, teachers, parents, and our community are partners in the learning process.
    • We believe in preparing students in 21st Century technology skills so they will be competitive in the global society.