SMMS Basketball Game Expectations


    1. Students who leave the building after the game starts may not remain on school property.
    2. Students may not leave the building after the game starts, leave school property, and then return to school property for parent pick-up.
    3. Students must be respectful of all supervising SMMS personnel.
    4. Cursing is not permitted at any after school activity.
    5. Students should exhibit good sportsmanship. Cheer for the Patriots, not against their opponents.
    6. Respect all school property.
    7. All students must have a ride arranged for pick-up (8:30pm).
    8. There should be no affectionate physical contact at games. Games are family activities.
    9. You must be present at school the day of the game to attend!


    Students who cannot follow these expectations will be placed on social probation and will not permitted to attend some or all future basketball games.