• Career Development

    Students in all grade levels will have multiple opportunities to focus on career development. Some of the programs SMMS offers include the 7 week Career class for all 8th graders, Mobile Career Classroom from James Rumsey Technical Institute for all 8th graders, and Career Day in the Spring which is open to all students. The ACT Explore Test for all 8th graders offers an interest inventory focusing on possible career choices for each student.

    College and Career Exploration Week

    Takes place October.  During this week, 7th grade students will hear from representatives from James Rumsey Technical Institute and Blue Ridge Community and Technical College during their social studies class.  Students will also be dressing up each day according to the theme of the day.  There will be college facts announced each day and an opportunity to win giveaways from CFWV http://cfwv.com and colleges/ technical institutes around the state by participating in career and college trivia each day.  A table with other giveaways will be set up in the library.