The Martinsburg Initiative

  • What is the Martinsburg Initiative?

    Focus on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to create a trauma informed community that will work to build resilience in children with high ACE scores so they are less likely to succumb to the scientific research predictions.

    Partnership between Berkeley County Schools, Martinsburg Police Department and Shepherd University as well as many community organizations.

    Grant obtained through Washington-Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) in collaboration with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) through The University of Baltimore received by Berkeley County Schools.


  • Advocate for children with high ACE scores.

    Coordinate with community agencies, city schools and families to connect individuals with the services they need to succeed.

    Educate our community about the ACE study and the impact trauma has on our public health and education systems.

How Do I Get Involved?

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Upcoming Events

  • March 8 – Training: Putting ACE’s into Action

    Trauma Sensitive Teacher Trainings