Mill Creek Intermediate School Welcome Toolkit

Welcome to Our School

  • Dear Parents / Guardians, 

    Welcome to Mill Creek Intermediate, home of the Cardinals!  Our motto is Cardinals who CARE fly high in the AIR.  We want all of our staff and students to be Compassionate, have positive Attitudes, be Responsible, expect Excellence, demonstrate Accountability, model Integrity, and be Respectful of themselves, others, and the school environment. 

    Collectively, our faculty and staff will work with you to master our top priorities and goals.   First, we will meet or exceed curriculum standards and work toward each student achieving mastery on the state standardized assessment.  Secondly, we will continue to develop interpersonal skills among our students and expect good behavior and ethical character in a bully-free environment.  Finally, we will make a commitment to make this school year the best for your child. 

    In closing, I would like to invite you to take an active role in your child’s education.  At Mill Creek Intermediate, we believe that education is a shared responsibility, and achievement requires the commitment and participation of students, staff, family, and the community.     


    Elizabeth McCoy

Vision & Mission

  • Vision: Cardinals that CARE fly high in the AIR!

    Mission: We will provide a school-wide system of education that ensures that all students are prepared for the next school year.

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