Our Mission Statement

    We believe that all students benefit from a program that fosters academic, career and personal/social development to ensure that every student becomes a socially, emotionally adjusted, contributing member of society. We are committed to doing "Whatever It Takes" to accomplish this goal.

    Philosophy Statement
    • School Counseling programs support each school's academic mission.
    • School Counselors advocate for comprehensive, developmental guidance programs.
    • School Counselors advocate for safe schools and foster a nurturing school environment. 
    • School Counselors are knowledgeable about their school's resources and programs.
    • School Counselors collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure all students academic, career, and persona;/social needs are met.
    • School Counselors work collaboratively with others to support the mental health needs of students.
    • School Counselors keep up to date with new and changing programs, researched best practices, resources, curriculum, policy changes, and post secondary and work place changes.
    • School Counselors attend local, state, and national professional development opportunities to assure they remain highly qualified professionals. 
    • School Counselors follow ethical guidelines to assure the well-being of students, parents and school staff, and the integrity of the School Counseling Program.
    250 EAST ROAD 
    MARTINSBURG , WV 25404
    Phone: ( 304)267-3540
    Fax: ( 304)264-5066
    6th grade: Mrs. Brandenburg :sbrandenburg@k12.wv.us
    7th & 8th grade: Mrs. Sherman :masherma@k12.wv.us