Spring Mills High School - Welcome Toolkit

Welcome to Our School

  • Dear Parents and Students,

    I am honored to be your Principal. Spring Mills High School is a wonderful facility, however the true spirit of a school is not the bricks and mortar, but the people who inhabit that building on a daily basis. The students, parents, teachers, secretaries, custodial staff, nurse and the Principals are a TEAM. We inhabit "Cardinal Country." 

    Students come to us from varying backgrounds. Our job, as a community, is to stimulate a "love of learning". Students will be engaged "where they are, so we can take them where they need to go." As the Principal, you can expect me to interact with all members of Cardinal Country in the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, sporting venues, etc. SMHS administrative staff will be visible and accessible.

    School is for kids. We will have our consistent guidelines, we will make a safe and secure environment, and we will have fun. Our goal is to be ther very best school for kids in the state of West Virginia.

    Bo Myers, Principal

Vision & Mission

  • Excellence is in the AIR

    We are Accountable for the learning and achievement of every student.

    We can achieve with Integrity.

    Respect for self, others, and school creates a safe environment for learning.


    Spring Mills High School Mission:

    Spring Mills High School will: utilize technology and data to facilitate a collaborative and engaging learning environment. Our students will become lifelong learners with the critical thinking skills necessary to enter the global 21st century workplace.


    Spring Mills High School Vision Statements:

     Spring Mills High School will:

    • Demonstrate Accountability, Integrity, and Respect in all that we do.
    • Maintain a safe and secure environment for all who enter our doors.
    • Provide a quality education for each of our students.
    • Encourage higher order thinking skills which will promote student success.
    • Utilize current technology and data to adjust instruction so that our students will be prepared to enter college, the military, or the workplace.

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