Berkeley County Schools' Virtual Pathway option

  • Dear Parents:

    We are considering providing a virtual pathway to graduation for students in grades 6-12 starting next school year.  There is no cost to students who participate in this program.  At this time we are providing this survey for any interested families.  Please take a few moments and complete the Virtual School Interest Survey.  We need a minimum number of families to offer this service.  This survey is one way to determine community interest.


    What is a "virtual pathway"?

    Students participating in the virtual pathway would take classes online outside of the school setting.  They would take classes provided by the West Virginia Virtual School.  These students would be considered Berkeley County School students, would earn credits towards graduation and would be able to participate in school activities if eligible.  Some of the activities in which virtual pathway students can participate are as follows: plays, dances, sports, clubs, and other activities the same as students who attend school each day.  There is no cost to participate.  Families would need to have reliable access to the internet to participate.  


    If you have any questions, please email Hal Van Metre at

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