Part 1: General Expectations:

    Orchard View Intermediate agrees to implement the following requirements:

    • Orchard View Intermediate will implement meaningful learning opportunities through programs, activities, and procedures for the involvement and engagement of parents and family members.
      • These programs, activities and procedures will align with the definition of parent and family engagement: The participation of parents/family members in regular, two-way, meaningful communication involving student academics.
    • Orchard View Intermediate will ensure it meets the required school-level parent and family engagement policies to meet the requirements of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). This includes a parent- school compact.
    • Orchard View Intermediate will provide opportunities for parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and migratory parents.
    • Orchard View Intermediate will increase math and reading achievement through at least two parent involvement activities throughout the year with federal funding.


    Part 2: Implementation:

    • Orchard View Intermediate will involve parents in the joint development of its school-wide parent and family engagement plan.
      • Seek parent/family representation at Orchard View Intermediate’s school functions.
      • Parent/family representatives will make suggestions for Orchard View Intermediate from school level teams and committees such as LSIC, PTO, etc.
    • To involve parents/family members in the process of school review and improvement:
      • Encourage parent/family members to attend meetings to inform parent/family members of the goals, objectives, activities and services as described in the school’s five-year strategic plan.
    • Orchard View Intermediate will build a strong partnership with parent/family members so we can work toward high achievement.
      • Parents/family members will be provided with frequent reports on their child’s academic progress through report cards, progress monitoring reports, summative and formative assessments.
      • Ensuring, to the extent possible, information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent home in the language used in such homes.
      • Orchard View Intermediate will offer meetings, activities and programs at a variety of times to maximize the opportunity for parents/family members to participate.
    • Orchard View Intermediate will promote communication through parent-teacher conferences, newsletters, progress reports, report cards, electronic communications, etc. to assist parent/family members in:
      • developing an understanding of their role in monitoring their child’s progress,
      • working with educators to improve the performance of their child, and
      • receiving information as to how they can participate in decisions relating to the education of their child.