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    How do I take a screen shot on the Lenovo Chromebook to complete my assignment?

    When using the Lenovo Chromebook you will need to hold down the Control & Shift keys together, press the F5 button, the screen will get a light gray tint to it and you will see a circle with a plus sign that looks like a target at a carnival game,  press and hold the left side of the mouse button and with your other hand, move your finger over the trackpad over the material you need to take for a screen shot.  Remember, you must continue to hold the left mouse button down while highlightening the screenshot.  The screen shots will then be in your downloads.  

    See the video here: How to take a screenshot with my Lenovo N22/N23

    How do I take a picture using my Chromebook (Lenovo or Acer)

    Use the launcher button in the bottom left side of your device.  You launcher button may be located in a different location if you have moved your task bar.  Click on the launcher button.  You will see a variety of apps show up on the screen.  If you do not see the camera, don't panic, you will have additional pages of apps on your chromebook.  Look to the right of the apps listed and you will see at least one more small circle to the right, click on the next circle which is actually taking your to page 2 and check to see if your camera is on that page.  If not, continue to the next page.  When you see the camera, click on the icon.  

    You will be able to take a picture or use the video camera. 

    After you take a picture, if you click on the image in the lower right corner of the app, you will have the opportunity to to edit the picture.  The image will auto save and your can find the image in your Google drive when you need to turn the image or video in to your teacher.  

    See the video here:  Using the camera to take a picture or video

    I don't have the Google Waffle and can't access anything?

    You may need to sign into the Captive Portal. 

    Video here: Captive Portal Video  


    How do I get a parent schoology access?

    you can get the parent access code from your child's homeroom teacher or by contacting Mrs. Brown at lkbrown@k12.wv.us

    What if I forgot my username abnd password to Schoology, my Chromebook, or Google?

    Brick students will receive a label from your homeroom teacher with your username and password.  Be sure to keep that label in a safe place.  

    Click students will receive their username and password the day you pick up your Chromebook.  Keep it in a safe place.

    When will I get my schedule?

    you should start seeing your schedules on Schoology.  Most of the schedules have been completed and entered in Schoology. 

    Do I need a case for my Chromebook?

    a case is not required for your Chromebook, but it is recommended, especially for "brick" students moving around the building daily. 

    What if my Chromebook stops working?

    if your Chromebook stops working or becomes damaged, please notify your teacher as soon as possible.  Your teacher will complete a work order and Mrs. Brown will collect the damaged Chromebook from your teacher and provide a loaner Chromebook if one is available.  

    If you lose your charger a replacement can be purchased from the county for $25.00.

     I'm using my own device at home, how do I access my Google Docs or Google Classroom?

     If you are using your own device at home and you need to sign into your Google Docs to turn in a document or an assignment in Google Classroom, use your username but add the @bcswv.org after the username.  Use your same password that you use for your email or Schoology.  example2@bcswv.org.


    If you can't read or send a document from Google Docs, you might need to sign out any other users.  That is a last resort for viewing the docs.  

     What is this blue page that I get when I search that mentions the state?

    The blue page that you see or you do not see the waffle to get to your Google Docs is the state security browser that is working 24 hours a day while you are using your school credentials.  Every 24 hours you need to update the security browser with your username and password.

    I know it is time to update the browser when I open a new tab in the browser and I do not see the waffle.  What I do is put a subject in the search bar like, how to tie my shoe, and the security browser pops up on the screen.  Enter my username and password at the bottom of the screen and click enter.  In 24 hours you will need to update the browser again.   




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