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    2020 School Year Virtual Orientation Newsletter

    Welcome Back

    Freedom Flyer Families,

    Welcome back to an exciting and very different school year.  It is important that I am able to share with you guidelines and changes to our routine due to the current pandemic guidelines and best practices. Please know that these changes are for the safety of our children and community and it will be important we work together to ensure safety and learning occur at a high level. This information is up to date at this time, but know that changes can occur with little notice.  You can be confident we will update you when/if that happens throughout the school year.


    Luke Smith, Principal

    Brick or Click?

    BRICK children are children in the building. For Brick parents, please review the following that is included here: (emergency cards online, busing or car drop off, school communication tools, completion of daily health screening, masks and safety measures, staggered days of attendance).


    CLICK students are students learning at home. For click parents, please review the following that is included here: (emergency cards online, & school communication tools). Click families: there is not a designated date for iPad pick up yet. As soon as we have all the materials from the company, we will set that up for you and send out those details via NTouch.

    1.) Complete Your Updated Emergency Card Information Online

    **New for this year: Parents please complete the updated emergency card information online through FamilyID.

    Go to the Berkeley County Website - choose enrollment (on blue bar) - and choose Create Your Account for updating the emergency information and electronically signing the student handbook.


    Berkeley County Schools is now utilizing Family ID to assist with virtual student registration. If you registered a student for Kindergarten or Pre-K in the spring, this is the program you used. Family ID allows parents and guardians to sign their student up for programs virtually. Through the program you can upload required documents for registration. If you registered a student in the spring your username and password are the same. There are options to reset your password if you forgot it. Here is a link to sign in.



    If you need to register a new student please see the link below.


    Enrollment & Calendar / Enroll With BCS




    We will need this online (FamilyID) information updated and completed by September 8th and before we issue the iPads.

    2.) Ensure you are Receiving School Communication

    There are several important communication steps that you can take to be ready for next year, starting with getting connected.

    Staying connected with our school is accomplished in a few ways. First and foremost, the best communication tool is direct communication with the classroom teacher or office. Send an email or make a phone call. We love to talk with you. Over the summer you can leave a message in our general voicemail. It may take a few days to connect, but we will connect with you. The next avenue for maintaining connectedness with the school and district is through electronic avenues. Please visit:

    https://www.berkeleycountyschools.org/mobileapp to sign up for the Berkeley County Schools Mobile Ntouch App. You can select Orchard View Intermediate as your child’s school to receive school specific information and updates as well.

    3.) How to get your kids ready to come back to school?

    Practice these great steps:

    Masks/Face Coverings

    Masks or Face Coverings are required for 4th and 5th grade students. They are required to ride the bus and should be worn into the building when students enter their classroom. We will be issuing a lanyard to students that they can hang their mask on to ensure that they can keep track of their own mask. I'm strongly encouraging all members of our school family to have their masks up for safe learning!

    Edulog WebQuery



    Staggered Start: Come September 8th, Your Child Will Not be Attending Each Day---not yet.

    Daily Health Screening

    Please complete the Daily Child Health Screening each day for your Brick child.

    This will be shared by your student’s teacher.

    Parent Drop Off and Pick Up

    Parent Transportation of Students: ALL children who are parent transport will be dropped off at the back of the building (where the new wing attaches to the existing building).  Arrive between 8:45 to 9:15 for morning drop off. Please remember to do the home health screening each day before you drop your children off. Students will be picked up at the same location.  Please stay in your cars and your children will be brought to you.

    In the afternoon, plan to arrive between 2:45-3:00 PM, waiting in your car. Make sure you have your pick up tag displayed. You will receive this tag on your first day of drop off.


    If you have an end of the day pick up for a child that typically rides the bus, you must send in a note with your child and call in by 2pm on the day of the pickup and you will be given directions for pick up: 304-263-4143. Keep in mind, it will be important for us to avoid congestion between parent drop-off/pick-up and our bus schedule. 


    School Supplies

    BCS sent out a School Supply list that is available at the bottom of this link. Your child’s teacher also reached out to discuss any specific supplies needed. Water fountains will not be accessible due to COVID restrictions. Be sure to supply your student with a water bottle and/or reusable thermos.  If you have purchased supplies already from the Berkeley County List, please discuss what is needed at school and what should be kept at home.

    School Supply Lists / School Supply Lists



    Visitors & Volunteers during COVID

    Orchard View has always appreciated and welcomed volunteers and visitors. Unfortunately, at this time, entrance into the building is limited to staff and students for safety. If you need to pick a student up for a middle of the day appointment, you will need to pull into the front office parking spot and call the front office. The same parking spots will be used for dropping off forgotten lunches and supplies. We look forward to the day the guidelines change!


    Please Take a Look at Our Orientation Video!