Our School Counselors Care About Our Students!

  • Our school counselors focus on academic, career, and personal development to ensure that every student benefits from a program that is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design, and developmental in nature. 

    Here you will find helpful school counseling resources for your Spring Mills Primary student and your family!

Meet the Counselor

  • Bethany Jennings and Holly McCloy

    bljennin@k12.wv.us  hssweeney@k12.wv.us

    (304) 274-5892

    Ms. McCloy will be working with all Kindergarten students, Mrs. Boswell, Mrs. Nester, Ms. Henson, and Mrs. Zittle's classes.


    Mrs. Jennings will be working with all Second grade students, Mrs. Risinger, Mrs. Whatmore, and Mr. Kerns' classes.  


    The school counselor's program is designed to support and expand on the services offered by the classroom teacher and to provide each student the opportunity to reach his or her potential. Students will have guidance class every other week.


    Additionally, students may be seen individually and/or in a group setting.  Please feel free to reach out anytime you feel we can be of assistance with difficulties your child may be experiencing. Our door is always open to help meet the needs of students and their families.

  • Student & Family Resources
  • OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program
  • Counselor Referral Form
  • Attendance
  • Community Resources

Mission & Vision

  • Mission Statement 

    The school counseling program at Spring Mills Primary is designed to provide a safe, supportive atmosphere where the students can attain success academically, personally, socially and gain exposure to various careers. Collaborating with other educators, families, and the community; we work hand in hand to nurture the physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions that enhance life-long learning and foster a positive self-esteem that leads to becoming productive members of our community. 

    Vision Statement

    Spring Mills Primary students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to maximize their full potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent, and productive citizens. 


    Philosophy and Belief Statements

    • All students are individuals with unique needs
    • All students can learn, and all students can succeed
    • All students should have access to and the opportunity for a high-quality education
    • All students should have access to a school counseling program provided by highly qualified and certified school counselors
    • Effective school counseling is a collaborative process involving school counselors, students, families, teachers, administrators, other school staff, and education/community stake holders
    • School counseling programs promote and enhance student academic, career, and social/emotional outcomes