• Tomahawk Intermediate School Counseling

    School Counselors:
    Katlyn Thomas & Megan Boyd

    Tomahawk Intermediate School Counseling Mission Statement

     At Tomahawk we believe our students will be PREPARED for school and for their future. We take RESPONSIBILITY for our behavior.  We will INSPIRE others. We are DETERMINED to always do our best, and we will achieve EXCELLENCE.
    Guidance Programs
    -Classroom Lessons
    -Small Group Counseling 
    -College and Career Exploration Week
    -Red Ribbon Week
    -Bucket Fillers
    -Career Day- We organize a career day each spring for our school.
    Classroom Lessons 
    - Personal/Social Development
    - Academic Development
    - Career Awareness 
    - Global Citizenship
     When can a student see the School Counselor?
    -During Classroom Developmental Guidance lessons every third week
    -For individual meetings
    -For small group sessions
    -When referred by a teacher, principal, or other school staff member
    -When a parent/guardian requests
    -When the School Counselor invites a student to lunch 
     Small Group Counseling 
    -Banana Splits:  Children dealing with divorce/separation 
    -Military Kids: Children with a parent/sibling currently in the military
    -Student Success Groups
    -Additonal groups vary by topic/grade level and on an as needed basis
    If you would like more information or would like to have your child participate in one of these groups please contact the school counseling office at 304-754-3171 and ask for Katlyn Thomas or Megan Boyd.