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  • School Goals and Strategic Plan:

    1. Achievement: Bedington Elementary students will increase school readiness and student achievement during the 2019-2020 school year.   The number of students proficient in ELA (Reading) will increase by 5% and the number of students proficient in Math will increase by 3% by May 2020.  This will be assessed using the STAR Assessments throughout the year. 
    • STAR Reading and Math assessments will be given 5 times this year and student progress will be charted.
    • Title 1 and two interventionists will work with students to support learning needs.
    • After school tutoring sessions will be offered in the fall and the spring for students.
    • Classroom teachers will meet daily with small groups of students to reteach basic skills.


    1. Student Engagement: The daily attendance will be monitored.  This data will be used to target students with poor attendance below 90%.  The attendance rate will be increased by 1% during the 2019 – 2020.  Support programs will be provided for student to encourage good attendance.
    • An automatic calling system will call the parents daily of all absent students.
    • Students with perfect attendance for the month will participate in a special activity on the last day of each month.
    • Students will receive charms for perfect attendance as a nine weeks award.
    • An attendance club is established for student with poor attendance.
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