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Show Your Love for Others Annual Food Drive

Today 2/14 Mrs. Kane's class is in first place with 371 items. Mrs. Ramer's class is in 2nd place with 267 items. Mrs. Miller's class is in 3rd place with 222 items. We have a total of 997 items.

Keep up the good work!  Thank you to everyone that is contributing!

Inwood Primary’s 11th Annual Show Your Love For Others Food Drive.

Every year, Inwood Primary collects non-perishable food items for CCAP Loaves and Fishes in Martinsburg as a Valentine’s Day themed event.

This is a classroom competition. The class collecting the most food items will be awarded a pizza party. The teacher of the class will also receive a prize.

Second place class will receive prizes.

 The food drive will run until Tuesday, February 19th

 Suggested items

Canned fruits, vegetables and soups

Cans of pasta sauce (please no glass containers)

Peanut butter

Medium and large sized boxes of breakfast cereal

Cans of pork and beans, Beefaroni or Chef Boyardee type canned meals

Canned meats (chicken, beef, tuna, salmon and spam)

Boxes of instant potatoes 

Boxed tuna/chicken/hamburger helper and macaroni and cheese

Of course all non-perishable items are always accepted.

If at all possible please do not send food in glass containers.  These can be broken in transit and the food bank has concrete floors.

Cans, plastic and boxes are preferred.

Please check the expiration dates on items.

Small items normally sold in multi-packs will count

4 small items = 1 item for item count