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9th Grade PEP Meetings

9th Grade P.E.P. Meetings

What's a P.E.P?

A P.E.P. is a Personalized Education Plan

Why do I have a P.E.P?

All students in WV create a P.E.P. in 8th grade and continuing updating throughout high school to help students become more college/career ready.

When will meetings be happening?

Meetings will begin October 29, 2018. Meetings will happen during the student's Health class. If the student does not have Health class, Mrs Sherman will meet with them at a different time.

Parents! Parents are invited to contact Mrs Sherman if you are interested in being present at your child's P.E.P. meeting. Parents are also welcome to contact Mrs. Sherman to schedule a meeting to discuss the P.E.P. meeting.


Mrs Sherman

9th Grade School Counselor

(304) 229-1962