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The Communications Department supports the mission, vision, and values of the District by maintaining open and ongoing communication with our school families, staff and the community.

Through the Storyteller role, the Communications Department works collaboratively across all departments and campuses in promoting the district to all stakeholder groups, to inform and build public understanding, and to strengthen business and community relationships.

The Department’s areas of focus include:

Digital Communication & Social Media

  • Weekly Reminders – a weekly e-newsletter distributed to BCS administrators
  • By the Numbers – a year-in-review look at district and school level data
  • BCS Scrolling – a channel 18 slideshow of current Berkeley County Schools’ events and news
  • Websites
  • NTouch Messaging System- mass notification
  • Integrated app

Community Relations

  • Business Education Partnership –  the Business Education Partnership program works to increase contact between students and local businesses.

Media Relations

Print Shop

  • Flyers, banners, school materials


  • BCS School Talk – a bi-weekly e-newsletter distributed to parents/community
  • Parent Planner – a yearly produced calendar of important dates/events for the current school year
  • Student Handbook – a review of policy and procedure for families and students
  • Annual Manual – a back-to-school guide for teachers, administrators and school personnel

District Special Events & Awards – districtwide events and recognition

  • Recognition & Reception – an event focused on honoring the service of retiring BCS employees
  • Teacher of the Year – BCS program identifies, recognizes, and promotes representatives of excellent teaching in the elementary and secondary classrooms of the County.



Elaine Bobo, Communications Director

Phoebe Brent, Communications Coordinator/Graphic Artist

Sharon Kisner, Communications Coordinator/Graphic Artist

Chelle Marpole, Print Shop

Jennifer Mason, Print Shop Supervisor

Tabitha Porterfield, Digital Communications & Web Management Coordinator