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Federal Programs

Federal Programs manages and channels federal funding to several focus areas dictated by federal law.  Those focus areas include the support of high poverty Title 1 schools in the areas of Instruction, Professional Development, Extended Learning Time, and Parent Involvement, in addition to serving the teaching community with Title II funds for Professional Deevlopment, along with serving our English Language Learner students and families with Title III funding.  The work of Federal Programs covers a wide range of specialties with the ultimate goal being to improve teaching and learning to benefit the students of Berkeley County Schools.


Betty Anne Powell, Director Federal Programs

Penny Cave, Assistant Director Federal Programs

Karen Burkhart, Coordinator Federal Programs/Instruction 
Pat Jackson, Secretary Federal Programs/Instruction


EL Teacher Placement 2018 - 19

Richele Sussman,

Assignments: Bunker Hill, Mill Creek, Berkeley Heights

Lindsey West,

Assignments: Musselman Middle, Musselman High, Gerrardstown 

Amy Kelly,

Assignments: Orchardview, Hedgesville Elementary, Tomahawk 

Jennifer Barrow,

Assignments: Mountain Ridge Middle, Mountain Ridge Intermediate, Hedgesville Middle

Tami Albright,

Assignments: North Middle, South Middle

Julie Staubs,

Assignments: Rosemont, Opequon, Tuscarora, Winchester Avenue

Brooke Styer,

Assignments: Eagle School, Burke Street

Heather Hagley,

Assignments: Spring Mills High, Hedgesville High

Mandy Davis,

Assignments: Spring Mills Primary, Potomack, Spring Mills Middle

Christine Erdman,

Assignments: Martinsburg High