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Equity & Inclusion

The world is changing, and in an ever-changing society, it is imperative for our students to be equipped with the tools necessary to respectfully and successfully function in a globally diverse world. The Equity and Inclusion Department strives to coordinate, support and implement quality programs and initiatives involving areas of equity, inclusion, cultural proficiency, and multiculturalism.  

Programs and Initiatives

Cultural Proficiency Professional Development
A professional learning initiative designed to increase awareness and respect for all differences.

Help Bridge Empowerment Project
Provides an opportunity for students to be immersed in knowledge about leadership and social justice.

Advisory Groups

Multicultural and Global Competency Student Advisory Team
Established in 2015, student leaders meet with Superintendent Manny Arvon and Senior Staff Members to provide suggestions and feedback on how to best meet students' needs.

Berkeley County Diversity Council
Established in 1988, the Berkeley County Diversity Council advises the school district in areas of diversity and multiculturalism.

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Dr. Veronique N. Walker, Associate Superintendent