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Information for P-EBT Eligible Households

DHHR began issuing P-EBT to eligible households on their current Mountain State EBT card on May 23, 2020. This was the first wave of distributions in the state as these were the households known to DHHR’s benefit system. Some households did not receive all of their allocated benefits at that time and additional allocations will be made on the Mountain State EBT card or through a new P-EBT card. This occurred if DHHR was unable to successfully match all children to a household in their data system. In that case, you may have received partial benefits in the first wave. Your additional allocations will come either on your original Mountain State EBT card or in a new, separate P-EBT card.

If you have not received your P-EBT by June 30, 2020, please use this link to submit a claims resolution form.
  • DEADLINE: This form will be available until August 31, 2020.
  • This form is not an application for benefits, but will allow a formal ticket to be created for your individual case if you have still not received full benefits by that time.
If you have additional questions or need more information regarding P-EBT please visit: