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Dear Class of 2020 & Senior Families...

Traditional Graduation Ceremonies & Alternate Dates in the Summer

  • Our high schools want to hold traditional graduation ceremonies so that their seniors can be recognized for their accomplishments and  be able to celebrate with families, friends and fellow seniors when it can be done safely.
  • These are the alternate dates currently proposed:
    • Alternative Dates II- August 3-6
      • Monday, August 3, Musselman HS
      • Tuesday, August 4, Martinsburg HS
      • Wednesday, August 5, Hedgesville HS
      • Thursday, August 6, Spring Mills HS

Graduation ceremonies will be held in stadiums to help with social distancing.

Limited tickets will be given to students to help with social distancing.

Graduation ceremonies will be Live Streamed for family and friends that cannot attend to watch.

Schools can use stadium video boards to display graduation information and pictures.

Seniors that cannot attend graduation ceremonies due to other commitments (military, college, vacations, etc.) will be recognized during the graduation ceremonies.