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Learn More About Flyer Submission Criteria

Berkeley County Schools is committed to ensuring that parents are well informed of educational and enrichment opportunities for their students.

As part of our communication efforts, we have partnered with Peachjar, a third party flyer distributor to deliver these messages to parents electronically. Cost efficient e-flyers demonstrate our desire to be more environmentally friendly and embrace innovative technology.  Peachjar may charge a fee to send/post an e-flyer but receiving e-flyers is free. The fee is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school. 

Effective November 2018, this innovative flyer management system will deliver school approved digital flyers to parent email inboxes.  The same e-flyers can be viewed online at the BCS website or your student's school website.   Parents can easily locate and view e-flyers of interest and take immediate action to sign up for promoted activities and events.   E-flyers will be sent to the email on file with your student’s school which was provided to the school via the enrollment card.  There is an option to opt-out of receiving notifications. There is no cost to receive these e-flyers. 

All e-flyers are subject to the following criteria:

  • E-flyers must be educational in nature and support the basic educational mission of Berkeley County Schools, and focus on youth character development, childhood health and welfare issues, the arts, and athletics.  
  • E-flyer distribution is for non-profits only. Non-profit organizations must be in the possession of a 501(c)3 documentation, which must be presented to the Communication’s Office prior to e-flyer application.  
  • All e-flyers must bear the name and contact information for the sponsoring entity.
  • The following required disclaimer must appear at the bottom of the e-flyer (no smaller than 10 point font):  "Neither the Berkeley County Board of Education nor any of its agents or employees sponsor or endorse this material or publication.  The views expressed may or may not reflect those of the Berkeley County Board of Education, or school administration, and are neither approved nor disapproved by them".
  • E-flyers will not be considered for approval unless all above mentioned criteria have been met.

Submitting your flyer for review and approval:

  • Review online trainings instructions for posting your flyer
  • Go to the Peachjar website
    • Upload your flyer (Your flyer will be automatically sent to Berkeley County Schools for approval.)
    • Using the tools provided by Peachjar, ensure that all content complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Berkeley County Schools is required to comply with WCAG standards which are designed to make Web content more accessible to people with disabilities. Flyers that do not comply with WCAG standards will not be approved for distribution.  
    • Upon approval, your flyer will be emailed to designated parents and posted on selected school websites.Register as an Enrichment/Community Organization (account type)


  • Are likely to cause substantial disruption of school activities.
  • Endorse or encourage the use of alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes or any illegal or imitation (look-a-like) substance or action.
  • Are lewd, obscene, libelous, or slanderous.
  • Incite students to commit unlawful acts, violate school rules, or disrupt the orderly operation of the schools.
  • Advertisements that would prevent the district from maintaining a position of neutrality on political and religious issues or that would create an appearance of favoritism on said issues.
  • Proselytize religious beliefs. 
  • Position the district on any side of a controversial issue. 
  • Discriminate against, attack, or denigrate any group on account of gender, race, age, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, or other unlawful consideration. (Additionally and according to BCS Policy JGG: language, marital status, parenthood, socioeconomic or academic status, sexual orientation, and gender identification or expression.)
  • Promote the use or sale of materials or services that are illegal or inconsistent with school objectives, including, but not limited to, materials or advertisements for tobacco, intoxicants, movies, programs, or products unsuitable for children.  Solicit funds or services for an organization, with the exception of solicitations authorized in Board policy. 

If you have additional questions about submission, please contact our Peachjar representative: 

Kellie Brickel
(858) 997-2117 x165