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Elementary County Science Fair Winners

Animal Sciences

1st: Rineheart, Cole and Dahms, Jacob, Straws, Potomack Intermediate
2nd: Greene, Aiden, What Colors Do Parrots Prefer?, Eagle School Intermediate
3rd: Ambrose, Serenity, Do Birds have a Favorite Color?, Potomack Intermediate
HM: Weler, Kayla, What are Owl Pellets?, Mountian Ridge Intermediate

Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st: Hollen, Blake, Magnificent Memory, Tomahawk Intermediate

Biomedical and Health Sciences

1st: Thames, Brielle, You Smoke, You Croak!, Potomack Intermediate
2nd: Chadwell, Lainey, How Do Your Lungs Work When You Are Healthy vs. When You Are Sick?, Eagle School Intermediate
3rd: Entherington, Addie, Tapping to the Beat, Orchard View Intermediate
HM: Baker, Jordan and Wagner, William, The Cleanest Hands, Orchard View Intermediate


1st: Kithcart, Ava, The Clean Off, Potomack Intermediate
2nd: Ogle, Olivia, Which Activator Works Best For Slime?, Mill Creek Intermediate
3rd: McVearry, Shavaun, What Are You Drinking?, Orchard View Intermediate
HM: Smith, Shea, Plastic Milk, Mountian Ridge Intermediate

Earth Sci & Environmental Science

1st: Thompson, Nykeem, What Base-Acid Combination Will Have the Largest Eruption?, Eagle School Intermediate
2nd: Pulis, Hope, Paper vs. Plastic, Mountian Ridge Intermediate

Energy and Transportation

1st: Burton, Molly, Does Wireless Energy Work?, Mill Creek Intermediate
2nd: Baughman, Carter, What's Popping?, Tomahawk Intermediate
3rd: Iwanowicz, Xander, Mobile Battery, Free Electricity Mountian Ridge Intermediate


1st: Lambert, Sylas Rube, Goldberg Machine, Mountian Ridge Intermediate
2nd: Lafron, James III, What Bridge Withstands an Earthquake the Best?, Orchard View Intermediate
3rd: Conroe, Hunter, Bridge Design, Mountian Ridge Intermediate

Material Science

1st: Allis, Olivia Which Diaper Brand is the Most Absorbent?, Mountian Ridge Intermediate

 Physics and Astronomy

1st: Zachary What's the Angle of Pepper's Ghost?, Eagle School Intermediate
2nd: Rouse, Nathan Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Boom!, Orchard View Intermediate

Plant Sciences

1st: McCarty, Kadyn What Makes Seeds Grow the Best?, Mountian Ridge Intermediate