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Middle School County Science Fair Winners

Animal Sciences

1st: Sierra Knight / Makayla Tyson, Do Dogs have a Favorite Color?, Mountain Ridge Middle School
2nd: McDonald, Allison and Saylor, Ian, Is it the Cat's Meow, Saint Joseph School
3rd: Freeman, Claire, DeliCatcies, Saint Joseph School

Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st: Violet Neff, Believe It or Not, Hedgesville Middle School
2nd: Sarah Barthlow, Can You See Me? A Study of Pareidola, Mountain Ridge Middle School
3rd: Abigail Snyder, Baffling your Brain, Hedgesville Middle School


1st: Henry, Kaylin, "Water Works" South Middle School
2nd: Reed Parsons, Gummy Bear Osmosis, Hedgesville Middle School
3rd: Aidan Simpson, Bacteria Battle, Mountain Ridge Middle School

Biomedical and Health Sciences

1st: Scott, Jake, Testing the Waters, Saint Joseph School
2nd: Stedman, Julia, Can Cardio Jog Your Memory?, Saint Joseph School
3rd: Campbell, Audrey and Campbell, Lilly "The Science Of Singing" South Middle School
HM: Bryce Cookus, Does Melatonin actually affect the human sleep cycle?, Hedgesville Middle School
HM: Kearah Puffenburger, Conquering Color Blindness, Mountain Ridge Middle School

Cellular and Molecular Biology

1st: Power, Colleen, Prints Passed Down, Saint Joseph School
2nd: Carter, Julia, How Sensitive Are You?, Saint Joseph School
3rd: Holden Custer, How Does What You Drink Affect The Color of Your Teeth?, Hedgesville Middle School


1st: Delauter, Rylee, Which Drink hydrates a Cell Better?, North Middle School
2nd: Mejia, Isabel, Izzy's Fizzy Bombs, North Middle School
3rd: Willer, Emily, "Slimeinator: Stretch vs Safety" South Middle School
HM: Beau Fletcher, The Iodine Clock Reaction Experiment, Hedgesville Middle School
HM: Elizabeth & Ethan Stegmaier, Ice Melts, Mountain Ridge Middle School
HM: Walrath, Jacob, What Affects the Density of Water? North Middle School
HM: Deleon, Rylee, "Ready, Set, Shine" South Middle School
HM: Droppleman, Kyle and Driggers, Tyler, To Tye-Dye For, Spring Mills Middle School

Earth Sci & Environmental Science

1st: Murphy, Ella, "Deadly Fertilizer Pollution" South Middle School
2nd: Wilson, Carter, Which Wood is Fire Most Effective Against?, Spring Mills Middle School
3rd: Wolf, Carson, Tornado in a Box, Spring Mills Middle School
HM: Jack Burton, Is Your Water Worth it?, Hedgesville Middle School
HM: Shalom Masiya, Make a Splash, Mountain Ridge Middle School

 Energy and Transportation

1st: Peyton Janney & Uryan George, Organic Electricity Hedgesville Middle School
2nd: Reid, Aiden, "Batteries Not Included" South Middle School
3rd: Xavier Guilloux, What is Magnetism?, Musselman Middle School


1st: Fishel, Brody, "What's Cookin': Which Homemade Stove Is Most Efficient?" South Middle School
2nd: Dreflak, Alexander, Trebuchet, Saint Joseph School
3rd: Taylor Winstead, Can Irrigation Help Plants Grow in Sand?, Mountain Ridge Middle School
HM: Warui, Moses and Warui, Abraham, Do Magnets Affect Regeneration of Planaria, Saint Joseph School

 Material Science

1st: Hasley, Audrey, That's Iron-ic North Middle School
2nd: Alexa Smith & Syrah George, ColorStreet vs OPI: Which One Lasts Longer?, Hedgesville Middle School
3rd: Landerkin, Brennan and Mitchem, Isaac Which Brand is the Most Insulated?, North Middle School


1st: Garrett, Mason, Going to Boston: Old Dice Game with Older Probablities, North Middle School


1st: Reghan Miller, Dog Vs. Humans: Which Mouth is Cleaner?, Mountain Ridge Middle School
2nd: Schwier, Anna and Zittle, Hunter, The Bluest Cheese, Spring Mills Middle School
3rd: Hayes, Lydia, Keeping It Clean, Saint Joseph School
HM: Cole, Layla, Kombucha Tea, North Middle School

Physics and Astronomy

1st: Emma Sherman, Absorption of Radiant Energy by Different Colors, Mountain Ridge Middle School
2nd: Zachary Oferi-Yedu Reflection and Refraction, Mountain Ridge Middle School
3rd: Alice Petry, Salty or Fresh: Can water float on water?, Musselman Middle School

Plant Sciences

1st: Lucas Robak, Hungry Algae, Mountain Ridge Middle School
2nd: Rugh, Alyssa, "To Prune Or Not To Prune" South Middle School
3rd: Kaylee Montgomery & Gillian Sykes, Chemical, Organic or No Fertilizer: Is it A Miracle?, Hedgesville Middle School
HM: Morrison, Olivia and Morrison, Jackson, You Better Bee-lieve It, Saint Joseph School

 Robotics and Intelligent Machines

1st: Anderson, Kyle, All by Myself, Spring Mills Middle School
2nd: Nathaniel Kerr, What Can a Robotic Arm Do?, Musselman Middle School

Systems Software

1st: Sydney Bostic, Mobile Spy Stops Cyber Bullies, Hedgesville Middle School
2nd: Oliewi, Hussein, "Improving Computer Performance" South Middle School
3rd: Joe Burton, Kids vs Adults: Who's More Secure Online, Hedgesville Middle School