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High School County Science Fair Winners

 Animal Sciences

1st: Swift, Leah, Something Fishy, Musselman High School
2nd: Newcome, Wyatt, The Effect of Different Types of Food on Dubia Cockroach Growth Based on Gender, Musselman High School
3rd: Snyder, Sara and Rampino, Antoinette, CBD Oil and Mice, Oh My!, Musselman High School
HM: Wine, Lindsay, My Equine is Cooler Than Yours, Spring Mills High School

Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st: Shoffler, Colby, Schoolhouse Rock: Math or Myth?, Hedgesville High School
2nd: Howard, Hannah and Hutzler, Isabella, Are Lefties More Ambidextrous?, Musselman High School
3rd: Voysey, Lillian and Voysey, Michaela, Sneaky Chef, Musselman High School
HM: Niamatali, Griffin, Societal Effects on Music, Spring Mills High School

Biomedical and Health Sciences

1st: Duriez, Angelina and Hinkle, Dorothy, Comparing the Solubility of Over-the-Counter Medications, Spring Mills High School
2nd: Tabb, Evelyn, Vaping vs. Smoking: Which Affects the Senses More?, Musselman High School
3rd: Kackley, Gwenivere, Glucose Levels During Timed Exercise, Musselman High School

Cellular and Molecular Biology

1st: Tress, Marissa, The Effect of Antennapedia in Drosophila Learning and Memory, Hedgesville High School


1st: Henson, Lilly, Replenishing Electrolytes in Athletes, Hedgesville High School
2nd: Iser, Kendall, Hot Ice (Sodium Acetate), Spring Mills High School
3rd: Pierce, Kendall, CO2 Countdown, Spring Mills High School

Computational Bio and Bioinform

1st: Hugas, Amanda, Wait a minute, who are you?, Musselman High School

Earth Sci & Environmental Science

1st: Grove, Olivia, "Heat", Still the Best?, Musselman High School
2nd: Huff, Ben, The Effect of a Wastewater Treatment Plant on a Stream, Musselman High School
3rd: Hatfield, Kati, Bag it, Bury it, Expose it: The Effect of Landfills on Garbage, Hedgesville High School
HM: Minicozzi, Illana, The Feat of Filtration: Which media is the most effective?, Hedgesville High School
HM: Beihl, Jasmyn, Styrofoam Doesn't Stand A Chance, Spring Mills High School

 Energy and Transportation

1st: Ettinger, Ben, Can It Withstand the Weight? Musselman High School
2nd: McKinney, Taylor, Comfort is Key: Which Blanket contains Heat the Longest? Hedgesville High School


1st: Sam Butler, Wing Curvature and Aircraft Stability, Musselman High School
2nd: Dawson, Jacob, Diameter of the Triangular, Spring Mills High School
3rd: Higgins, Emma and Higgins, Trey, Cool Enough, Musselman High School

 Material Science

1st: Funk, Calder, The Effect of Guitar String Material on the Volume of Sound Produced, Spring Mills High School
2nd: Sherman, Lydia, Does a Higher Costing Bicycle Helmet Correlate to Better Protection for the User?, Musselman High School
3rd: Dawson, Jack, Bioplastic: Salvation or Salvage?, Hedgesville High School
HM: Crawford, Brandon, Lifting Fingerprints: Lycopodium vs. Cyanacrylate Fume, Spring Mills High School


1st: Bowman, Connor, The Many Methods of the Rubiks Cube, Musselman High School


1st: Ashton, Colin, The role of water fountain bacteria on illness, Spring Mills High School
3rd: Schwind, Will, Burgers: Fast Food v Homemade Which rots fastest? Spring Mills High School

Physics and Astronomy

1st: Crockett, Satchel, Pickups: How do They Work Spring Mills High School
2nd: Potter, Riley, The Gas of our Galaxy Spring Mills High School
3rd: Meske, Nathaniel, Stirling Engine, Spring Mills High School
HM: Dienst, Melia, What Causes a Gymnast to Soar?, Musselman High School
HM: Moore, Abby and Griffin, Tawnie, Weighing the Game, Spring Mills High School

Plant Sciences

1st: Sellers, Savannah and Staub, Riley and Winning, Angelina Bean There, Done That Musselman High School
2nd: Azzani, Luca and Azzani, Marco, The Effecs of Heavy Metal Pollution on Plant Growth, Spring Mills High School
3rd: Cotta, Jessica, Chlorine Bleach: Is It As Harmful to Plants As We Think?, Hedgesville High School

Robotics and Intelligent Machines

1st: Anderson, Patrick and Moyer, Savannah, and Barr, Curtis. THE CLAW!!! Spring Mills High School

Systems Software

1st: Bronte Stump, Battle of the Lanuages, Spring Mills High School
2nd: Reasbeck, Emily Can Java ABC?, Hedgesville High School