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Intermediate County Social Studies Fair Winners

Anthropology Individual

1st- Lauren Barnhart- Third Grade Through the Generations- Tomahawk Intermediate

2nd- Bella Pifer- Death by Class on the Titanic- Mountain Ridge Intermediate

3rd- Faith McDonald- How Egyptians Built the Pyramids- Mountain Ridge Intermediate

HM- Rosie Hniang- Noah’s Ark- St. Joseph

Economics Individual

1st- Karissa Sood, Is the Cost of the Tower Worth it?- St Joseph

2nd- Olivia Butts- Turning Trash into Treasure- Eagle School

3rd- Markie Riner- Hershey Park: The Sweetest Place on Earth- Tomahawk Intermediate

HM- Matthew Hayes- Honus Wagner- St Joseph

Economics Group

2nd- Lizzy Garrett and Abby Stup- Which Pet is Cheaper- Eagle School

Geography Individual

1st- Alaya Puffenburger- Landforms of My Backyard- Mountain Ridge Intermediate

2nd- Jack Allen- The Geography of WWI- St Joseph

3rd- Priyanshi Pathak- The Earth and Its Atmosphere- Eagle School

HM- Creighton Palkovic- D-Day; The Turnaround- St Joseph

Geography Group

1st- Freyja Dreflak and Mara Riordan- Ancient Walls of the World- St Joseph

Political Science Individual

1st- Molly Pentony- WASPS are Stinging Awesome!- St Joseph

Psychology Individual

1st- Molly Burton- The Soothing Sounds of Music- Mill Creek Intermediate

2nd- Tucker Wiant- Why do you Laugh? The Theory of Laughter- Mountain Ridge Intermediate

3rd- Maerin Phillips- The 1983 Chicago World’s Fair and Herman Webster Mudgett- St Joseph

HM- Lauren Scumpieru- Slime Can Help With Anxiety- Potomack Intermediate

Sociology Individual

1st- Lilliana Barto- The History of Tech.;How it Affects Humans- Mill Creek Intermediate

2nd- Samuel Human- Glucose monitoring throughout the years and How its changed?- Mountain Ridge Intermediate

3rd- Brady Smith- The Black Sox Scandal- St Joseph

HM- Lucy Soltero- The History of Volleyball- St Joseph

State and Local Individual

1st- Sadie Yates- Paw Paws- Mountain Ridge Intermediate

2nd- Ava Facundus- Miss Berkeley County Scholarship Organization: Empowering Young Women in West Virginia- Potomack Intermediate

3rd- Delaney Smith- Mountain State Foods: More than just Pepperoni Rolls- Mill Creek Intermediate

HM- Eliza McCarthy- The B&O Railroad Strike- St Joseph

US History Individual

1st- Riley Martirano- The Great Molasses Flood of 1919- Eagle School

2nd- Aiden Severence- The Wright Brothers- St Joseph

3rd- Caleb Wilson- Mickey Through the Years- Potomack Intermediate

HM- Brayden Bartley- The Making of a New Nation-Signing the Declaration of Independence- Mill Creek Intermediate

US History Group

1st- Zoe Eldridge and Aryonna Martin- “Slavery”- Potomack Intermediate

World History Individual

1st- Ava Kithcart- Women in History- Oprah Winfery- Potomack Intermediate

2nd- Rachel Willer- Fire vs. Ice- Orchard View Intermediate

3rd- Grace Lu- Chernobyl- St Joseph

HM- Andrew Galvin- Brick by Brick:Evolution of Legos- St Joseph

HM- Blake Puffenburger- Bow and Arrow- Mountain Ridge Intermediate

World History Group

1st- Grant McDonald and Adam Sharp- Sgt Stubby- A War Hero- St Joseph

2nd- James Riley, Nathanael Riley and Verrazzani Wilcox- Remembering Chernobyl- Eagle School

3rd- Tihanna Jackson, Evan Carson, and Leelynn Walker- All About 911- Eagle School

HM- Emmalynn Copenhaver and Audrey Henry- The Hindenburg Disaster of 1937- Potomack Intermediate