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Middle School County Social Studies Fair Winners

Anthropology Individual

1st- Sarah Barthlow- The Silk Roads: Wealth, Culture and Disease- Mountain Ridge Middle

2nd- Carly Crowder- Rise to the Occasion: The Origin of Baking- St Joseph

3rd- Marissa Casto- Rosie the Revolutionizer- Mountain Ridge Middle

HM- Isabelle Smith-Pounds- Lacking or Lasting: The Language of Love- Hedgesville Middle

Anthropology Group

2nd- Angela Aparicio and Roberto Aparicio- Extraterrestrial Life: Proof of Existence- St Joseph

3rd- Jordan Dube and Rihanna Thompson- The History of Black Hair in America- 1900’s- 2010’s- Musselman Middle

HM- Sidney Crockett and Liam McCarthy- Mansa Musa; What Would you do with 400 Billion?- St Joseph

Economics Individual

1st- Abby Hopkins- From Bean to Bar- Hedgesville Middle

2nd- Peyton Miller- Exploring the Gender Pay Gap in Sports- Spring Mills Middle

3rd- Bryan Cole- Chickfila’s Effects on the Community- North Middle

HM- Blake Miller- Wasted!- Mountain Ridge Middle

HM- Emily Willer- What is the point of a Dollar?- South Middle

Economics Group

2nd- Madison Goss and Taylor Winstead- Do Attractive People Make More Money?- Mountain Ridge Middle

3rd- Alexa Smith and Delaney Seeders- The 2020 Summer Olympics- Hedgesville Middle

HM- Eli Harris and Ethan Hinchman- The History of the Telephone- Mussleman Middle

Geography Individual

1st- Noah Brown- Yellowstone National Park- Hedgesville Middle

2nd- Olivia Rish- Pompeii- St Joseph

3rd- Arabella Cole- The Effects of the Destruction of Coral reefs on the Environment- St Joseph

HM- Kearah Puffenburger- Fanning the Flame: How Geography Impacted the Gatlinburg Fire- Mountain Ridge Middle

HM- Michaela Roche- The History of Mica- North Middle

Geography Group

1st- Giulia Roppolo and Chloe Byrd- The Plastics Takeover- Hedgesville Middle

Political Science Individual

1st- Sarah Dew- The October Revolution- South Middle

2nd- Damien Vega- Stephens- Is China Repeating History- Mountain Ridge Middle

3rd- Steven Askins- Should America Cut Social Security- Musselman Middle

HM- Taylor Strack- Impeachment- North Middle

Political Science Group

1st- Makayla Bagnell and Addison Payne- To Impeach or Not to Impeach- Musselman Middle

2nd- Andrew Jones and Alexandra Nguetsa- Minorities in America- Musselman Middle

Psychology Individual

1st- Noah Tan- The Psychology of Vaping- St Joseph

2nd- Abigail Snider- No Hair….Do People Care?- Hedgesville Middle

3rd- Stephanie Cortwright- Preventing Dog Bites- St Joseph

HM- Karissa Neff- What is Bipolar Disorder- Musselman Middle

Psychology Group

1st-Cara Anderson and Claudia Elad- What a Killer Attitude!- South Middle

2nd- Katelyn Lundy and Maddie Monroe- What do you See?- Musselman Middle

3rd- Alexia Rahl and Payton Hill- Even Stranger Things- Hedgesville Middle

HM- Olivia Jones,Gabriela Martinez, and Kelsey Pyles- She’s a Psycho!- Musselman Middle

HM- Lily Cameron and Grace Hime- Let’s Recheck the Mandela Effect- Spring Mills Middle

Sociology Individual

1st- Ana Maria Trianas-Rivas- Police Driving- St Joseph

2nd- Phoebe Porter- A Farmer’s Legacy- South Middle

3rd- Violet Neff- What’s for Lunch?The Evolution of the American Diet- Hedgesville Middle

HM- Gracie Sidow- The Vietnam War; A History on Song- St Joseph

HM- Cecilia Marnell- Won’t You be my Neighbor- North Middle

Sociology Group

1st - Cora Farmer and Mikayla Markely- The First African American Woman in Space- St Joseph

2nd- Olivia Hogbin and Larkin Walker- Are Millennial’s the New Hippies?- Musselman Middle

3rd- Chloe Bryson, Tabby Kerns, and Shawna Ritter- Why are Certain Traditions Important in Asian Culture- North Middle

State and Local Individual

1st- Ella Waters- A Forgotten Mystery in WV History: Story of the Missing Sodder Children- Hedgesville Middle

2nd- Alexandra Conner- Miracle on Martin Street- North Middle

State and Local Group

1st- Emily Montgomery and Abigail Clopper- The Rise and Fall of the Weston State Mental Hospital- Hedgesville Middle

2nd- Yasmine Frye and Sierra Knight- The Impact of Coal Mines- Mountain Ridge Middle

US History Individual

1st- Emily Dawson- Give My Regards to Broadway- North Middle

2nd- Brody Travis- What Happened at the Battle of Gettysburg?- Mountain Ridge Middle

3rd- Willa Pentony- Rosie the Riveter- St Joseph

HM- Lexi Jaques- The Effects of Centralia to Humans-  Spring Mills Middle

HM-Gracelyn Brown- Heart of a Hero- Hedgesville Middle

US History Group

1st- Ellie Lineberger and Jack Lineberger- The Stanley Cup- South Middle

2nd- Mailei Dunbar and Alexia Parker- Alien Invasion!- Musselman Middle

3rd- Taryn Boyles and Tyler Luketic- Batter Up! The History of Louisville Bats- Mountain Ridge Middle

HM- Kylee Kline and Alayna West- 9/11 Attacks: Twin Towers- Hedgesville Middle

HM-Sarah Barthlow, Kerring Bennett, and Esabeya Marts- The First Woman Dentist- Mountain Ridge Middle

World History Individual

1st- Ava Snowden- The Real History Behind Chernobyl- South Middle

2nd- Alycia Miller- The Nazca Lines: Exposing the Secrets- Mountain Ridge Middle

3rd- Brianna Detzel- The Prince of Preachers- Spring Mills Middle

HM- Lukas Robak- Ottoman Empire: A Great Empire Cut Down- Mountain Ridge Middle

HM- Bracha Warui- The Battle of the Somme- St Joseph

World History Group

1st- Nicholas Domenico and Aiden Tran- The Plague Doctors and Their Methods- St Joseph

2nd- Gabriel Gonzales and Daniel Oshiyoye- How did the Plague Spread so Quickly?- St Joseph

HM- Lily Choimiere and Olivia Lemen- The History of iPhones- Spring Mills Middle