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High School County Social Studies Winners

Anthropology Individual

1st- Kaitlyn Hatfield- How can Every Child Have a Family?- Hedgesville High

2nd- Emily Davis- Star Wars: A new Hope for Hollywood- Musselman High

3rd- Helani Chacon- Toilet Paper Throughout History- Martinsburg High

HM- Maggie Barrett- Why Adopt?- Hedgesville High

HM- Ashley-Ann Anderson- Foster Care- Martinsburg High

Anthropology Group

1st- Damien Valdes and Finnian Mungovan- Ancient Languages and their influences today- Martinsburg High

Economics Individual

1st- Colby Shoffler- (Wii) U Failed; Nintendo’s Biggest Mistake- Hedgesville High

2nd- Isabella Huesz- No Business Like Show Business-Musselman High

3rd- Liz Valentine- Second Class Consumers: The Harmful Effects of Gender Specific Marketing-  Hedgesville High

HM-Trinity Roesch- What does the IMF really do?- Musselman High

HM- Connor Bowman- Military Technology and Costs- Musselman High

Economics Group

1st- Lillian Voysey and Michaela Voysey- $coliosis Regimen- Musselman High

Geography Individual

1st- Jasmin Chacon- Brazil- Martinsburg High

Geography Group

1st- Carson Cox and Lucas Scumpieru-The Nile River is a Lifeline for the people of Egypt- Spring Mills High

Political Science Group

2nd- Mary Givens and Grace Givens- The only difference between a murder and a suicide is press coverage- Spring Mills High

Psychology Individual

1st- Kendal Pierce- PTSD- How does it affect daily living- Spring Mills High

2nd- Rebecca Lemaster- What makes a Psychopath a Psychopath?- Spring Mills High

Psychology Group

1st- Kaleigh Brandt, Celeste Eiland and Nora Mabe- Ted Bundy: The Mind Behind the Killer- Mussleman High

Sociology Individual

1st- Dakota Johnson- NAACP and Me- Hedgesville High

2nd- Naomi Lee- Title IX:  Beyond the U.S.- Musselman High

3rd- Isabella Hutzler- The Spanish Influenza: 100 years later. How has it affected society?- Musselman High

HM- William Schwind- Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey: Fact vs Myth- Spring Mills High

Sociology Group

2nd- Sarah Rader, Taylor Presley, and Ryan Rader- Equal Pay, Equal Play- Spring Mills High

State and Local Individual

HM- Hannah Chacon- The Secret Life of Maria Isabella Boyd- Martinsburg High

US History Individual

1st- Nate Meske- Civil War Medicine- Spring Mills High

2nd- Candice Nelson- What a Trek!- Spring Mills High

US History Group

1st- Paige Porter and Cheyenne Reid- The Story of Tonya Harding- Martinsburg High

3rd- Saniah Wilkes and Jayden Brothers- The History of How MD came to Be- Martinsburg High

World History Individual

1st- Joel Phelps- How did he live? The Secret Plots to Kill Hitler- Spring Mills High

2nd- Benjamin Ettinger- Advancements from a Horrible Tragedy- Mussleman High

3rd- Aysha Baker- Who was Garrett Morgan- Martinsburg High

HM- Taylor McKinney- The Case for Christ- Hedgesville High

World History Group

1st- Hietham Belchami and Keyana Ryan- The History of Hip-Hop/Rap- Spring Mills High