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Retirement Bonus Opportunity

Classroom teachers*, as well as other professional and service personnel, who want to receive a $500 bonus at the end of the 2020‐2021 school year must submit their written intentions to retire to the Berkeley County Schools Human Resources Department on or before March 1, 2021.


  • You should request a monthly pension estimate from the WV Public Consolidated Retirement Board by using the link below. The estimate form may be completed online but must be mailed to the WV Public Consolidated Retirement Board. Use this link:
  • Do not The volume of pension estimate requests increases during this time of year.
  • In order to receive the early notification bonus, your intent to retire must be received in the HR office in writing by March 1, 2021. Your intent to retire is considered final once your notice has been presented to and approved by the Board of Education.
  • Positions held by those exercising the early retirement notification bonus will be considered vacant upon approval by the Board of Education for the 2020-2021 staffing season.
  • The “announcing” employee must complete his/her employment term for the 2020‐2021 school year and not work the first day of the employment term of the following school

Once your position has been approved as “vacant” you cannot ask to rescind and be placed back into your original position.

*Classroom teacher is defined as a professional educator who has a direct instructional or counseling relationship with students and who spends the majority of his or her time in this capacity.