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A Note From the Superintendent

Dear Future Team Member,

We understand the role each of us play in shaping our future. We are administrators, educators, service personnel, coaches and volunteers shaping our students, district and community and it starts with the choice to join Berkeley County Schools, (WV).

Now 19,600 students strong and growing with a staff of 3,000+, we place an emphasis on literacy and math as strong foundations to explore exciting curriculum and project-based learning. As a district, we value the use and educational significance of technology but hold a deep respect for traditional classroom instruction and evidence-based practices.

Teachers are one of the most critical components of student learning and achievement. Our Board of Education actively seeks candidates passionate in their commitment to maximizing individual student performance and ready to inspire students’ interest in challenging coursework.

Our commitment to professional development and continuing education is evidenced by direct communication of opportunities – so you will not miss a chance to grow and shape your career path with us.

We are shaping the future here at Berkeley County Schools and this is YOUR opportunity to shape the future. Your future. A student’s future. The future of our school district and community. And, we have a place for you.


Dr. Patrick K. Murphy


Superintendent of Schools