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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Time : Bus Riders- 8:20 – 8:40 AM  Car Riders- 8:20 - 8:40 AM

Dismissal Time: Bus Riders- 3:10 PM Car riders- 3:20- 3:35 PM                            

In the morning student car riders can enter from the north end of the building (door closest to the track). Parents will park in the parking lot and escort students to the sidewalk and the duty teacher. Our doors open at 8:20 AM and close at 8:40 AM. 

After 8:40 AM, your child will be considered tardy and you will need to bring your child to the front office and sign them in for the day.

Afternoon dismissal will begin at 3:10 PM for buses and 3:20 for parent pick-up. Parents will again park and enter at the north end of the building. Parents will need to sign out their child.  For those students being picked up on a regular basis, a car-rider form must be completed.  Please request a form from the office.  Our Parent Pick-up Area is open until 3:35 PM.  Afterwards, parents should report to the office.  

Identification may be requested by staff members. If your child is being picked up by another family member or friend, you will need to send a note to school with your child that morning so that our staff will be aware of that change.

Buses will always load and unload at the front doors of the school. If your child is riding a different bus home than their regular bus, a note will need to be sent to school, signed by the parents notifying the staff of that change.

If your child is going home after school with another child a note from both children’s parents will be required to be sent to school that day.  

Please update after-school care providers if there are changes to your schedule.