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Parent Pick Up/ Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

North Middle is unique in its arrival and dismissal procedures because we send kids to three different schools.

  • Student arrival time is 7:10 am. They report for breakfast and then homeroom. 
  • All walkers and 1st bell dismissal leave the building at 2:43
  • All other students wait in their classrooms for their bus to be called.
  • If students arrive to school after 7:30 they will be marked tardy. 5 tardies result in an afterschool detention. 
  • Tardy students need to report to the main office, sign in and receive a pass to class.

PARENT PICK UP & DROP OFF (Morning and Afternoon)

  • Parents need to enter through the entrance to the Rec Center off Woodbury Avenue and line up BEHIND THE BUSES  to drop off or pick up their students (this is on the bike rack/ Athletic Street side of the school). PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE SCHOOL PARKING LOT FROM ATHLETIC STREET.  This creates a safety hazard as buses will be coming & going from the upper lot.
Procedures for students going home with a friend:
If your child will be riding the bus home or being picked up by another student’s parents, both parties need to have written notes from their respective guardians. Drop off the note in the main office so it can be signed and logged. This will ensure that both students have permission for these arrangements.